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Greetings from your latest newbie

Greetings, my name is btamamura. I absolutely adore Nuriko, in fact my MSN name at the moment is "Onna no Kokoro" and has a background of HotoNuri many images of Nuriko to suit my mood are being used for my userpics.

I was first introduced to Nuriko a few years ago back when searching for songs performed by Sakamoto Chika-san, Kanda Akemi-san, Shindou Naomi-san and Neya Michiko-san (women seiyuu in Crush Gear Turbo)...however, back then I had little interest in Fushigi I am collecting the manga and will soon get some DVD boxsets.

I have seen some really funny scenes, the onsen omake and the last few minutes of episode 33 which managed to bring me to fact, I can't listen to Kaze no Uta without crying anymore now that I know what episode it was played as the ED theme...doesn't mean it's not my fave.

I am impressed with Nuriko and how he always has the right sense of style when it comes to the way he dresses, he could maybe give me some tips. ^^

Anyway, I've said quite a lot here, so I'm going to be quiet now. I hope we can all become friends. ^^

PS-Fitting I'm listening to a song performed by Minagawa Junko-san who voiced Nuriko in Suzaku Ibun
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