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Introduction and Something Interesting as a Hostess Gift

Hi! I'm new to this community, and I just <3 <3 <3 Nuriko! ^_^
Here's some interesting thoughts I have concerning Nuriko, as a result of listening to too much Tupac. (Is there any such thing? XD) It may contain spoilers, so I'll post under a cut.

Nuriko is the Tupac Shakur of Anime?!?!

Nuriko: has tattoos: the seishi symbol (Yanagi) on his chest
Tupac: also has tattoos: THUG LIFE, Nefertiti, etc. all over his torso

Nuriko: usually has something important to say
Tupac: usually has something important to say. (Listen to “Brenda’s Got a Baby”, “Unconditional Love”, “Dear Mama”, “Keep Ya Head Up”, “If My Homie Calls”, “Changes”, etc. if you don’t believe me.)

Nuriko: dies a violent death (ep. 33) at a young age (18-19)
Tupac: dies a violent death at a young age (25-26)

Nuriko: is believed to be still alive by the other characters (and by legions of fangirls)
Tupac: is believed to be still alive by many fans and even non-fans

Nuriko: carried a lot of grief (as evidenced by his reaction to Kourin’s death)
Tupac: carried a lot of grief (as evidenced by some of his music)

Nuriko: is called a “pervert” by his friends (pffft! What do they know?)
Tupac: is called a “pervert” by people who don’t understand his music, or only heard songs like “How Do U Want It?” (pffft! What do they know?)

Nuriko: has unusual dress habits (cross-dressing), brought on by traumatic life experiences (Kourin’s untimely death)
Tupac: has unusual dress habits (wearing a bulletproof vest most of the time), brought on by traumatic life experiences (living in the ghetto and constantly coming up against armed and dangerous street gangs, and that quarrel with Biggie)

Nuriko: often contradicts himself (he cuts his hair and tries to be a little more “manly” before he dies, then as “Joe” becomes his old cross-dressing effeminate self.)
Tupac: often contradicts himself (“…see you when they free me, if not when they shove me in…” That's from “Holla If Ya Hear Me”)
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